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We travelled to Turkey with another couple (very good friends) in mid 2012. They appointed us our private guide and, together with our driver,we spent almost three weeks touring around major cities, historical sites, small villages and the general countryside.Tour Advisor Turkey proved to be an oustanding company who was very passionate about his work and his country; They very quick in understanding the type of tour we wanted, and the nature of things we were interested in. While we had a pre-planned itinerary,TAT team's knowledge and resourcefulness made our tour even more enjoyable and memorable than we expected (it was our second trip to Turkey; our friends’ first). When we again travel to Turkey, we will certainly seek out this company.
My family and i spent winter in turkey last year with a group of old family friends and were fortunate enough to encounter Tour Advisor Turkey Team. I have been on many other travels and I must say, of all the Tour Agents I encountered on my trips, they're one of the most i friendliest company I have met so far. All in they made our turkey trip most memorable and I thank Tour Advisor Turkey for that. I will definitely recommend TAT to any other friends who plan to go to Turkey!
They obviously loves this job and shows off the beautiful country with passion. Can never forget Istanbul and everytime we think about our time there TAT is a great part in that process. They also gave us tips where to go and what to do in our free time. Which was very enjoyable.
I am one of the group who visited Turkey, 30 November to 12 December. Last weekend, some of the group met for dinner and from our discussion, we are in agreement that Tour Advisor Team deserves commendation. Hence, here is my assessment of their efforts on our trip. From my travel experience, Our Guide's passionate portrayal of Turkey and able command of detail, mythical and real, surpasses that of many guides – my appreciation placed on record. His enthusiasm has been noted by all, sense of humour, witty banter helped to lighten some of the longer journeys. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends who are planning trips to Turkey in the near future.