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    Constantinople was a huge city,and large western areas are less visited. However contains plenty of fascinating pieces of the city’s long history. This guided tour is an amazing opportunutiy for you

    Begin in Cibali, an old tobacco factory. From here, walk along the coast towards the St. Stephens of the Bulgars church.

    From there, you can walk inland slightly to visit the Greek Orthodox patriarchate. And up the steep hill to the imposing red brick Phanar Greek Orthodox College. Head back down the hill to stop for refreshments.

    From there head up to the Fatih Çarşamba neighbourhood to have a deep impact on the Islamic Life Style of Istanbul.Afterwards going on the Chora Church. Visiting the Chora Church to admire some of the fine mosaics as well. You could also see climb up onto a section of the Theodosian Walls (old city walls of Constantinople) in nearby Edirnekapi.

    • Delicious Local Lunch is Included
    • See the Less touristy part of the city.
    • Historic areas will be covered.
    • Strolling through unknown Istanbul

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